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why is address verification so important?
  • I will ship only to an address that I can verify either through my automated merchant service or directly by calling the issuing credit card or bank (which is why I ask for the phone # from the back of your card).
  • Address verification ensures that the person ordering the merchandise is the person who legally owns the credit card  - otherwise items purchased with a valid but stolen credit card # could be shipped anywhere without the knowledge of the cardholder until the next billing statement was received.
  • Shipping only to a verified address protects the customer and my business from internet and mail order fraud. It is also a legal requirement of my merchant credit card acceptance contract.
  • You may contact your credit card issuer and request an alternate shipping address be placed on file with your account that I will be able to verify by phone.
  • I realize there are many internet or mail order sellers that will ship to an unconfirmed address in violation of their merchant contract because they are afraid to lose a sale. There are also many reasons why a legitimate customer may want a purchase shipped to an alternate address, and I sympathize with the inconvenience caused when I will not, but you must understand my strict policy is for the safety of my business and my customer's accounts.
iimportant notes for international orders
  • I use the nationwide standard MC/Visa automated address verification service that cannot verify most foreign addresses.
  • American Express provides me with efficient international address verification - this is the easiest card for me to accept for international orders.
  • If you are paying with Mastercard or Visa you must provide me with an internationally accessible phone number for your card issuer so I may verify your address directly. Please call the customer service for your card and verify that they can provide a merchant in the US with address verification at that phone number.
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