Polishing Kit for Pocher 1/8 kits
for plastics, paint and metal surfaces
The Treatment Model Car Wax "The Final Detail"

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Each polishing kit includes 6 sheets of cushioned abrasive cloths in 2400, 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, and 8000 grits, a soft foam sanding block, a bottle of polish, and a soft flannel polishing cloth.
( The Final Detail Model Wax is not included in the polishing kit; it is available separately below.)

  Use this polishing kit to smooth the "orange peel" surface of a rough paint job, or put a mirror finish on good paint (see additional note below). Works on all painted surfaces, varnished wood, and bare plastics (even clear parts). It is also invaluable for creating varied finishes on raw metal parts, ranging anywhere from a dull cast finish to a chrome-like shine.
  This is the polishing system I use on all of my models. It does take some patience and time, but you will be amazed at the difference between the "shiny"* paint job you used to be happy with and the new mirror smooth finish achieved with this kit.
additional note: "Shiny" paint can be achieved with or without polishing, especially if clear coated. The shine is the result of the paint drying properly, and means the microscopic top surface of the paint is reflecting light well. If you look at the reflections in that shiny paint, however, you will almost always notice they are wavy and distorted. This is because the overall surface of the paint is not smooth. Proper body prep can help avoid this wavy surface, but all the top automotive restoration shops sand and polish their paint after it has dried to achieve a concours quality finish, and your models will look best when finished this way as well.
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the original "The Final Detail" Model Wax
by The Treatment
in economical 5 ounce jars
(2 jars per order*)
If you've used this wax you know there's nothing like it. This is the original Model Wax; deepens color on all painted or unpainted plastic. Removes fine scratches and helps eliminate imperfections. The secret of professional model builders for years. Can be used to buff out clear plastic or unpainted plastic surfaces, and prevents clear styrene from glue fogging. Contains pure carnauba wax.
* to save on handling and shipping costs the minimum US order is now 2 jars, but the price per jar is reduced and all orders now ship by trackable Priority Mail.
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different label but the same "The Treatment" Model Wax
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