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Pocher "How To" books
by Model Motorcars
Now sold as a complete set:
all four "Building the Pocher..." books by Model Motorcars,
covering all Pocher Alfa, Rolls-Royce, and Mercedes kits.
See detailed descriptions below.
$75. plus s/h
US order: Pocher book set $75.
plus $9.  Priority Mail s/h
International order: Pocher book set $75.
plus $29. Priority Airmail s/h
click for more info Alfa Spider Touring GS
The Legendary 2.3 Alfa Romeo 8C2300
art-quality reference book set by Simon Moore
The ultimate reference for building any Pocher Alfa Romeo kit. Three 10" x 10" leather bound volumes in an 11" x 11" x 4.5" leather slipcase; total weight over 16 lbs! 962 pages, 1,289 black and white photos, 73 color photos. This amazing set documents all 188 original cars built from 1931 to 1934 - racers, tourers, special coachwork, and rebodied cars. For only half the price of a Pocher kit, you will have one of the most magnificent automotive books ever, and the absolute best Alfa Romeo 2.3 reference. Like Hugh Conway's Bugatti Magnum, it is a work of automotive art. Only 3000 copies will be printed.
$285. plus s/h. More photos and reviews here.
The Immortal 2.9 Alfa Romeo 8C2900
newly revised reference book by Simon Moore
 The original edition established Simon Moore as the world's foremost authority on the history of Alfa Romeo's famous pre-war eight-cylinder cars. This book has not been available for twenty years and copies had recently been trading for more than $1,000.
  Hailed as a milestone of automotive literature, the Society of Automotive Historians awarded the book its Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot Award as the best automotive book of 1986. The book frequently appears on commentators' lists of the best automotive books ever published.
$285. plus s/h. More photos and info here.
click to enlarge Building the Pocher Alfa Romeos
softcover book by Model Motorcars
50 pages, 100 assembly photos,and 50 reference photos. Assembly tips, clarifications, and extra-detailing instructions for all of the Pocher Alfa Romeo kits.
click to enlarge Building the Pocher Rolls-Royce
softcover book by Model Motorcars
68 pages, 130 construction photos, over 30 photos of Phantom II prototypes, including color photos of the famous Maharajah “Star of India”. Practical tips on construction, modifications, techniques, and tools.
Building the Pocher Mercedes
softcover book by Model Motorcars
The latest edition of the first Mercedes book has been given larger, clearer photos, and an improved format. Softcover, 94 construction photos, 8 pages of prototype photos, and a plumbing diagram.
Pocher Mercedes Advanced Techniques
softcover book by Model Motorcars
Scratch-build those hoods, shorten those doors, and replace all those stamped-metal pieces with this all-out guide to modifying Pocher kits. More tips and photos than ever before: softcover, 206 construction photos, 72 pages, includes a special CD/ROM of the color construction photos and model photos. Perfect companion to the introductory Mercedes book at left, but this time we show in detail how we created our Spezial Roadsters.
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