Marushin Harley-Davidson 1948 panhead 1200 engine model - MRSHARK

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Marushin 1/6 scale built-up version
1948 Harley-Davidson
panhead 1200
functional metal engine model
factory-built in Japan by Marushin
rare and long out of production | none available
Assembled from hundreds of precision metal pieces, screws, miniature nuts and bolts. The valvetrain, pistons, crank, chain, etc., all move as in the real engine. Mounted on a metal stand, and operated through the an AC transformer and electric motor hidden in the base with a miniature throttle twist-grip. Listen to the revs rise and watch it shake just like the real one. Cutaway cylinders show internal operation. Rocker covers, chain cover, and all inspection covers may also be removed for viewing internals. Full kit instructions are included, if you should want to disassemble and rebuild it yourself. This example does have the Panhead covers and air cleaner already attached (usually they are included unattached in a separate blister package). Click any photo below to enlarge.
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